We're asked these quite often, so we thought we'd let everyone know 🙂

What is Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning?

Quite simply, it's a system that will heat AND cool.

How much water does an Evaporative Cooler use?

Between 26 and 40 litres an hour. Some larger units may use up to 60 litres an hour.

What is the difference between Evaporative Air Conditioning Cooling Versus Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Cooling?

The biggest difference is in the way they cool the air.

Evaporative, cools the air by passing air through water. It would be similar to spraying water in front of a pedestal fan, where you feel the wetter atmosphere on your skin.

Reverse cycle on the other hand actually cools the air by refrigerating it. A bit like when you open the fridge door, it's cold air, not wet air.

What does it cost to install a customer supplied reverse cycle wall split?

If you supply your own air con unit, we can install it from $450 for a basic back to back installation including electrical connection into local power circuit on plastic feet.

What do evaporative units cost to install?

Whole house ducted evaporative units start from $5800 including GST. (standard 4x2 house, 8 outlets, including electric and water connection).

Do reverse cycle units heat and cool?

Yes! reverse cycle units do. Great for keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

What are electrical certificates and what are they for and do I need one?

Electrical certificates are a legal document issued by a registered electrician. They are proof that safe work was carried out and they are required if alterations have been made or a new circuit has been installed.

Where can I find a fully qualified air conditioning, electrical technician in Mandurah?

Look no further... Give Martin from Four Seasons a call today.

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