Martin is a fully qualified electrical contractor. He is insuredĀ to undertakeĀ all aspects of electrical work, domestically or commercially.

As a local electrician, Martin works with local plumbers installing waterproof electrical sockets for new boilers. Fitting or moving sockets in bathrooms and kitchens. Installing power supplies for pools or spas or anything else that the tradesman requires.

Local builders use and trust Martin to install a wide array of electrical services, from sub-boards to cooker feeds. Safe disconnection of lights, power supplies so that they can renovate and all other aspects of work.

LED downlights and USB sockets have been the new trend over the last few years and how much nicer do they look instead of having chargers plugged in and trailing cable everywhere. Not to mention the savings with the new LED lights!

One thing for sure is that electricity bills don't ever seem to go down!

Commercially he has been replacing fluorescent light fittings by the van load locally and upgrading switchboards and RCD's to keep properties in line with new standards.

If you want to sell your house now you have to be compliant and this has been another focus for Martin, installing hard-wired interconnected smoke alarms and RCD's. We cover our new work installs with Electrical Certificates to pass along when your house sells to prove that all work was carried out by a certified electrician.

Whatever your requirements we can find the solution.

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