Evaporative Air Conditioning

Evaporative Air con is the big coloured boxes with grilles, that you often see on top of roofs.

This is the main housing for evaporative air conditioning.

That is the part that holds the fan, pump, main electric control board and the water. From there the duct is fitted below in your roof space and syphons off into each room required in your house. So the layout in the roof space is very similar to reverse cycle ducted with the ducts and the vents!

Unlike reverse cycle air conditioning, evaporative needs windows and/or doors to the outside world, slightly ajar. This is because evaporative air conditioning brings air in from outside via your roof box where it is cooled by water evaporation and pushed into your house. The open windows allow cooled air to escape pushing the warm air out.

It is a useful type of cooling to have installed if you suffer from dry irritating skin or eye conditions as it doesn't have a drying effect on the air like reverse cycle does.

We are often asked if evaporative vents can be used when owners want to swap out their evaporative systems for a reverse cycle. Unfortunately, this isn't possible for a few reasons. The duct used in evaporative systems has a different type of insulation which isn't as thick as reverse cycle duct. This is because reverse cycle duct needs to keep refrigerated air really cold, whereas evaporative air isn't chilled by refrigeration, it is merely chilled by water.

You will notice too that the vents are positioned in different places in a room. This is because reverse cycle chills the main areas that have heat load in a room ... the windows. So chilled air is blown towards that heat source to chill it and disperse it.

Evaporative vents are located usually nearer to doors so that they can push the hot air out of the open window. As evaporative air drags air in from outside via your roof box if windows are not open then the air has nowhere to go and creates a pressurised house.

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