Regular Maintenance is a vital part of looking after and adding value to your equipment.

Mandurah is a seaside town near to a few busy roads. The sandstorms we get in the winter along with salt being picked up by the rain and wind can have a devastating effect on metal and working parts. Regular maintenance helps to clean out that grime, remove the salt spray, road dust and clean out working parts to help maintain the working life of all equipment.

Below you will see pictures of what can happen when maintenance is ignored. We clean so many filters from reverse cycle units, both commercially and domestically that are black from dust and debris and red sand.

Did you know that a blocked filter can drastically reduce your airflow?

Having a clean filter with better airflow not only helps your system work better but can also help to save you money.

Along with the debris we find, are the locals... geckos, mice, toads, birds, frogs, possum damage and many other creepy crawlies. For some reason, all these love the warmth given off by printed circuit boards in units and filter material makes ideal bedding.

Unfortunately, we can't save them all but we can prolong the life of your unit with regular maintenance.

For Evaporative coolers we recommend twice a year. Once at the end of summer and once during the peak of summer. We're able to monitor washers for wear and tear, water levels, pad wear and motor condition. We ensure the pump is working to its optimal level and everything is clean and safe.

We offer regular maintenance contracts to commercial customers and can also cater for domestic one-offs or regularly scheduled visits.

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