Reverse cycle Air conditioning - It heats in the winter and it cools in the summer!

Reverse cycle air conditioning comes in all shapes, sizes and names.

It can be as simple as a wall split system covering just one room such as a bedroom or a whole house ducted system covering ... the whole house.

If you are limited on wall space then maybe a ceiling cassette would be a better option. It gives you better coverage, heats and cools and sits nice and flush in your ceiling.

If you are in an older style property and find that your window rattler (RAC) isn't working like it used to and don't want the added pain of changing styles and patching up a big hole in your wall, we can supply a swap out unit that is clean, fresh and new.

If you would like to install a few splits and a ceiling cassette in your property but don't want lots of outdoor units around the outside of your place, you could always have a multi-split reverse cycle unit installed. This enables you to have a variety of indoor units of different varieties to cover your needs whilst just having one outdoor unit to run them all.

Whatever your requirements there will be a solution to fit.

Reverse cycle air conditioning works on a different principle to evaporative air conditioning.

You keep all your windows and doors closed to keep the chilled air inside. Your air conditioner works in principle, the same as your refrigerator. Obviously, you don't live in a big white insulated box like a fridge, but your walls and ceiling assist in keeping the cool air in and the hot air out. That's really all you need to know because it gets very technical from this point on, using Phase Conversion. If you'd like to know more are new gases involved in refrigeration now, which are not ozone depleting and safer on the environment too!

It's important to keep your filters in clean condition so that maximum air-flow is allowed.

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