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Our Approach

Our Story...

Martin has always been passionate about air-conditioning and refrigeration, he has over 39 years in his industry and has added his electrical contractor licence to his skill set.

In 1994 we began our own air conditioning business and were also directors in another company. We covered all sorts of commercial contracts:- hospitals, shopping centres, dairy, meat and mushroom farms. West Midlands police force, prisons and banks along with Queen Elizabeths children's hospital.

As a family, we moved from the West Midlands in the UK and have lived in Western Australia for 15 years. We have found that reverse cycle air conditioning is a luxury in the UK, but definitely a necessity for "us Brummies" here in Mandurah!

In his time in the industry, he has installed and serviced a variety of makes of units from the simple Evaporative "swampies" to multi-pipe VRV and VRF systems. All makes too from Daikin reverse cycle and multi-splits, Toshiba, Panasonic air conditioner, Fujitsu reverse cycle air conditioners, Hitachi, Mitsubishi electric and if necessary, the cheaper split system models such as Teco and other non-branded supermarket models, but we do prefer the top end of quality and

Our reasons are simple...

By far our favourite brand of reverse cycle unit is Daikin. Why? because you can get all Daikin parts, Daikin controllers and Daikin warranty agents from Perth. You don't have to wait for spare parts to arrive from over East or overseas and now that Daikin has taken on board competitive pricing, you're often only looking at a few hundred more to purchase a much quieter, cost-efficient and reliable unit and for some strange reason, COP (coefficient of performance (what you spend to run the unit, compared to the value you get out)) and the decibel ratings, are ignored when looking at which unit to buy!!!

Why would you want a steam train guzzling up your electricity over your head in bed all night???

Whilst in Mandurah Martin has installed reverse cycle units on projects such as CSBP, Cobblers Tavern, Baldivis Tavern, First Choice Liquor, Centro shopping centres, Retirement villages, mining projects in Alice Springs and Granny Smith mine along with camp fit-outs in the Pilbara at Aboriginal camps. Electrical jobs are varied from a new light switch to overhead connectors and new boards.

Problem-solving technical issues is his thing...

Martin thrives on-site, loving the challenge of problem-solving technical issues and taking pride in his skills and abilities. He has always been a fair and loyal person giving his best to serve his customers, which is why we have repeat customers time and time again.

When you call Four Seasons, you speak directly to Martin, not someone in reception...

Local smaller businesses also trust his wide advanced knowledge base and quick response, knowing that when they call Four Seasons they will speak directly to Martin and not someone in the office, a call centre, or a sidekick. They can quickly tell him the issue and he can find the solution, you can't beat service like that, it gives our customers confidence, knowing they don't have to wait for a reply or return call.

The back office is run by Kim, Martins wife of 34 years. She holds qualifications in Accounting, training, assessing and OHS. She can often be seen onsite lifting and carrying when needed. Together they have successfully raised three well-balanced children (all now in their mid 30's) and enjoy the pleasure of two little granddaughter's, Emily and Georgia, with another little girl on the way! and they are their Grand-dad's biggest fans.

We look forward to assisting you with all your air conditioning and electrical needs, feel free to get in touch and have a chat.

Our Story

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The Four Seasons Tribe

The Broughton Tribe have all grown up around Air-conditioning.

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